Creative SWOT Mission

We are determined to see your brand or business stand out from the sea of competition and succeed. Through our print, web, and digital expertise, we would help put your brand, products, events, and services on the minds and hearts of your designed customers.

About Our SWOT Approach

Our SWOT approach helps us carve out a business strategy that focuses on optimizing your brand’s strengths and opportunities and limiting your weaknesses and threats. Whether you are a minister, entrepreneur, or business owner, we help you maximize ways to grow your business by enhancing customer relationships through our website, prints, and advertisement designs.

There’s no one more passionate about creative designs and company growth than our founder Keshuna M. Franklin. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Keshuna’s unquenched passion and interest in developing designs that set companies apart forced her into getting a BS in Information Systems and an MBA in Marketing.

Over the years, Keshuna has been a freelance graphic designer, helping numerous businesses and organizations grow through her passion for creativity, expertise, and her thirst for excellence.

One thing that sets us apart from our competitors, and has helped us garner amazing reviews over the years is our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

We engage our clients thoroughly in a bid to know their heart desires before starting any project. During each project, we also pay attention to your needs and wants, carrying you along every step of the way until you are completely satisfied.

We offer revisions in case you are not completely satisfied, and refine our designs to meet your taste. Costs for all unsatisfied and uncompleted projects would be carefully discussed, while the rights of whatever information you provide us during a project would be carefully maintained.

All in all, you would leave us feeling pleased and satisfied.